We are a family business and realize projects in commercial and industrial construction in Switzerland and abroad.

Our services are steel structures and high quality prefabricated building envelopes. We can offer steel construction, glass construction, metal construction and facade systems as a complete service or as individual services.

Our production in Zunzgen is equipped with modern and diversified manufacturing facilities. Digitalization and innovation at all levels is our ambition. Almost all parts and component groups are produced and pre-assembled in our own production halls. We guarantee independent and on-time delivery.

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We place high standards on our construction services with regard to the implementation of the architectural idea, consulting competence as well as the quality of execution in conformity with our quality management. Our services are characterized by a high cost/benefit ratio. We are constantly looking for innovations and improvements in our construction services.

All our employees work as self-responsible team members of our company. We maintain a high level of mutual promotion of skills and talents. For the safety of our employees, the aspects of work safety and health protection are taken into account in all our operational activities. All employees represent the mentality of Rytz AG through their competence as well as through their activities. With the careful execution of our projects, we want to contribute to the harmonious integration of the constructed buildings into the landscape. In the choice of building materials we pay attention to ecological responsibility. Wherever possible, we use environmentally safe, recyclable materials.

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The principles of our environmental policy are based on a belief in the future and a sense of responsibility towards the natural and built environment, as well as towards our fellow human beings and future generations.

During the planning of construction projects, we examine the specific impact on the environment and prioritize the individual environmental aspects according to the knowledge we gain. Projects that have a significant impact on the environment are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using appropriate planning and construction measures. In the selection of our suppliers, we prefer those who act according to ecological rules and follow our environmental policy.

Rytz AG is committed to sustainable ecology. Energy efficiency is a top priority. 2000 m2 photovoltaic power plant on our production halls covers 40% of the annual energy demand. In addition, the plant feeds the power grid with energy for about 10 single-family homes per year.

An increasing proportion of our vehicle fleet is powered by electricity. Our goal is to equip the entire fleet with electrically powered vehicles in the future.

Certificates of quality

By regularly reviewing our processes, we increase the quality of our market services, optimise workflows and adapt our company to technological and social developments.


  • Certificates Quality management ISO 9001:2015
  • FPC certificate acc. to EN 1090-1, EXC 3 Steel welding certificate according to EN 1090-2, EXC 3 Aluminum welding certificate acc. to EN 1090-3, EXC
  • FPC 16034, 14351-1 Fire and smoke protection closures, doors, escape routes AVCP-Stem 1 acc. EN 14351-1, EN 14351-2, EN 16034