In our aluminum center we cut and process various aluminum profiles. Wooden panels, plastics and composite panels are also processed as construction supply parts or for pre-assembly. We can count on a modern machine park.

For window and door construction we use systems such as Reynaers and Wicona. These are processed and assembled in our aluminum center.


cnc treating

Fast, Precise, Economical In order to produce large quantities in consistent quality, it requires a computer-aided processing of the profiles.

extrusion profiles

In addition to our own post bar system, we have developed and produced numerous project specific profiles. There is not

panel processing

We process wood and solid core panels directly in our house. With our “Stribig” we can assemble a variety of plate materials.

alu system processing

Being adaptable is important to us. That’s why we work with different system suppliers. The production of windows and doors


Assemblies are welded together in steel on an area of around 1,000m2. We can lift and process component weights of up to 16 tons with our overhead cranes. For bar machining, we have a drilling and milling center for large component lengths and weights. Our company is certified according to EN 1090.


steel system processing

For high demands on statics and fire protection as well as for large-area glazing, we rely on system solutions made


Various welding procedures are being applied for the everlasting connection of complex steel constructions. Different commercially available materials being used

stainless steel production

We produce in the commercial stainless steel materials (WSt 1.4301 / 1.4571) your constructions according to your plan

mechanical processing

CNC machining center 21 tool places magazine – drilling – milling – thread-cutting – stud welding operations, on bars or workpieces made of

Sheet Metal-Center

In the sheet metal center, sheets are cut into shape and edged. The cutting processes are cutting, punching and laser cutting. Subsequently, the parts are bent by means of bending presses or swivel bending machines. Thanks to our sheet metal stock, we can quickly respond to customer requests. We offer a large number of coated and uncoated sheets which are in stock in the form of large coils or in sheets.


laser cutting

Laser Microstep High-Speed and precision in 3D Machining mass of sheet metal Sheet: 2000x6000mm depth: Steel  20mm (Single pieces 25mm) CNS   15mm


Punching with our Boschert press. Versatile and fast! Dimensions Sheet thickness steel up to 4mm, CNS 1.5mm Sheet depth up


Bending of sheet metal with our EHT Variopress & our Jorns Twin-Matic EHT Variopress Hydraulic press brake Processing dimensions of

sheet metal storage

Flexible and fast production of your component thanks to a large number of coated and uncoated sheets which we have