2019 New ventilation system for production (steel construction)
2018 Energetic renovation of roof production (steel construction)
2017 New Laser Cutting Machine MSF FiberLas
2017 Change company name into Rytz AG
2015 Expansion production surface to 4000m2
2014 Successful test of system Rytz PR 08/50 on burglary resistance
2013 Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008
2013 Certified welding process SIA H1 SN 505 263/1
2012 Marco Rytz is new CEO of Rytz Industriebau Ltd
2009 Successful test of system Rytz PR 08/50 on air permeability and water tightness at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science & Technology EMPA
2008 Development and execution of our officebuilding system facade type Rytz MIF with MINERGIE-standard are efficently saving energy and are of extreme longlasting value
2007 Realisation of the first prestressed glass roof as dematerialized glass construction in Hungary
2004 Design and development of our shading system Rytz RLS
1996 Execution of first orders abroad
1992 Expansion production surface to 3000m2
1990 Set up of twin-company Ardiba Ltd, taking over the supply of architectural services of Rytz Industriebau
1983 Change company name into Rytz Industriebau Ltd
1980 Expansion of the production surface to 470m2
1978 New plant in Zunzgen, production surface 130m2
1974 Kurt & Liz Rytz set up the company "Rytz Normallen"